Basin Electric blog trivia: Day 5

Blog trivia contest day 5

Friday’s trivia contest winner gets this!

Be the first to correctly answer this trivia question in the comments on this post, and you will win a Leatherman Squirt!

All answers can be found here on the blog!

Question: Cheri Wenzel, accounting analyst II, found a camera while on a family vacation in 2009. She was able to track down its owner through clues found in the photos on the camera. When was the last photo in the camera taken? (You’ll find the answer in the video.) Give your answer in the comments section on this post. Include a link to the blog post where you found the answer. First person to comment wins!


  1. Darrick Buchholz says:
  2. Darrick Buchholz says:

    9th is when photos started. Last photo was taken July 13.
    linked above

  3. David Lundstrom says:
  4. basinelectric says:

    David, you’re correct! Great work! Your Leatherman Squirt is on its way!

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