Electric cooperative helps bring housing to the Bakken

Buffalo City Wood Products in Jamestown, ND.

A good idea and a great product have found their way to the oil fields of western North Dakota, thanks to a little help from Northern Plains Electric Cooperative of Cando and Jamestown. (Northern Plains is part of Basin Electric’s membership.)

The good idea: bring affordable housing to the Bakken.

The great product: Buffalo City Wood Products’ housing units.

Starting three years ago, Buffalo City saw a need for housing out west, but needed funding to build on their vision. Northern Plains helped them secure funding through the North Dakota Development Fund. In 2009, that meant funding for nine units out west; today, they are leasing 14 units around Ross and Parshall, ND.

Connie Krapp is the director of communications and public relations for Northern Plains. She says working with local businesses like Buffalo City is important. “The cooperative believes in economic and community development, because improving the rural quality of life is key to the success of our members and their communities. We understand that when our communities and members do well, Northern Plains does well.”

Read about Northern Plains’ work with Buffalo City in a 2009 article in the Northern Notes section of North Dakota Living magazine.

Read about the housing project as it stands today, in a July 18, 2012, article in the Jamestown Sun.

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