Basin Electric, PRECorp donate appliances to food pantry

Sundance Food Pantry

Volunteers stand near refrigerator sponsored by Basin Electric and PRECorp. (l to r): Dennis McGirr, council member; Dee McGirr, council member; Leonard Feist, volunteer to help move the appliances; Martin Haag, Basin Electric employee; Tyler Lindholm, Basin Electric employee; Darice Hodge, PRECorp employee and council member; Becky Rolf, council member; and Josh Gray, PRECorp employee.

The Crook County Council of County Services was in great need of a new refrigerator and freezer. Tyler Lindholm, a substation electrician lead at Transmission System Maintenance in Gillette, WY, asked Joel Dingman, Dry Fork Station operations superintendent, and Curt Pearson, Basin Electric project coordinations representative, if this would qualify for a charitable contribution.

Sundance Food Pantry

Becky Rolf, Crook County Council of County Services, stands with the new freezer sponsored by PRECorp and Basin Electric.

The food bank had recently changed locations and was able to store more food, but the old appliances were rusted and needed replacement. The food bank did not have the ability to purchase new ones due to the cost of their recent move.

“I live in Sundance and knew the food pantry needed new appliances,” Lindholm says. “Martin (Haag, journeyman communications technician) and I were happy to be able to represent Basin Electric in supporting the food pantry’s operations.”

Powder River Energy Corporation (PRECorp), a Basin Electric Class A member headquartered in Sundance, WY, agreed to cosponsor the purchase cost of a refrigerator and freezer to meet the food pantry’s need to keep larger quantities of perishables cool to enhance services for the people of Crook County. Lindholm and Haag picked up the appliances in Gillette and dropped them off July 19 at the food pantry.

Rural Crook County, WY, and the towns of Moorcroft, Sundance, Pine Haven, Hulett and Beulah in Wyoming are all served by the food pantry. Community volunteers staff the pantry.

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