Meet two teachers on Lignite Energy Council tour (Video)

LEC teachers tour

Teachers tour the Freedom Mine’s third dragline, Freedom’s Frontier.

After taking several steep, grated stairs to the cab of the Freedom Mine‘s newest dragline, Jerolyn Wallach got a look at what the dragline operator sees.

“This is a great view from here.”

Wallach, a junior high and high school science teacher at Halliday (ND) Public School, spent more time than most in the cab, taking in the view of Dakota Gasification Company’s Great Plains Synfuels Plant and the Antelope Valley Station. And straight in front, the 335-foot-long boom which holds a massive bucket, used to scoop the dirt away from over the coal seam.

LEC teachers tour

Audrey Vind, administrative assistant III at Antelope Valley Station, gives a tour of the plant’s model room.

More than 130 teachers from North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota and Montana got the same view while attending the four-day education seminar hosted by the Lignite Energy Council.

Learn more: Teachers get educated on North Dakota Energy Trail

Watch the video featuring Wallach, as well as Sharon Chiang, a retired teacher from Warwick (ND) School.

The Lignite Energy Council’s Education Seminar was held June 18-21. Basin Electric is a sponsor.

LEC teachers tour

Jeff Hansen (center, pointing), environmental coordinator at Antelope Valley Station, brings the teachers to one of the highlights on tour, the plant’s turbine deck.


  1. Kathi Risch says:

    I love the comments by the teachers. Very refreshing approach.


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