Is EPA killing coal?

Beartrap and coalThe United States has more coal reserves than any other country in the world, according to the American Coalition of Clean Coal Electricity.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has proposed a New Source Performance Standard, stating that new fossil fuel energy generating units would be subject to a maximum carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions rate of 1,000 pounds per megawatt-hour, a level achievable by natural gas-combined cycle power plants, but not coal-based units with existing available technology.

“It’s a troubling notion that the United States has coal reserves that are basically equal to the energy content of the entire world’s oil reserves and yet we have a federal regulatory regime in place which will limit the use of American coal in significant ways,” says Steve Miller, president and CEO of the American Coalition of Clean Coal Electricity.

We have a detailed report on this issue in our May-June 2012 issue of Basin Today: Is EPA killing coal at the cost of consumers and the economy?

Consumers can send a letter to EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson expressing opposition to the proposed rule. The deadline is June 25.


  1. Kenneth Haraseth says:

    I would like to know if Basin Electric is supporting the election of Heidi Heitkamp??? If they are I guess they must be in favor of the EPA shutting down the coal industry.

  2. basinelectric says:

    The election of a new senator is very important for the state of North Dakota and Basin Electric. Basin Electric is encouraging its employees to become actively engaged in the upcoming election but has not endorsed a specific candidate.

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