Community and Cooperative Strength (from Burke-Divide Electric blog)

Reblogged from Burke-Divide Electric Cooperative:


Kenmare, ND, 4th graders.

Cooperatives across our country follow the 7 principles of the cooperative world. BDEC is no different and we are very proud of the Community Concern and the Cooperation Among Cooperatives that our coop has always displayed and continues to display.

We know that our members are strong community people which means BDEC is a strong community minded cooperative. Over the years we have supported the communities in numerous ways. Part of the community support is for our area schools. BDEC has always given scholarships, sponsored events for the school, sent an area student to Washington D.C. for a very informative week, and the list goes on. Recently we once again took a 4th grade class for a day tour of the Basin Electric Facilities. These are wonderful trips and we are happy to give the students a tour of what it takes to make electricity for their homes.

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Our Class C member Burke-Divide Electric Cooperative has been blogging. Check out a recent post on a tour of Basin Electric facilities, supporting a local basketball team, and the cooperative volunteers who brought power to Oak Park in Minot, ND.

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