Minot area students tour PrairieWinds 1

The wind played along and blew good and strong for the group of Minot area high school students who visited the PrairieWinds 1 site south of Minot, ND, on June 6.

PrairieWinds 1

That is the blade of a wind turbine. Jeremy Woeste (near middle, wearing red shirt), Basin Electric communications and media specialist, gives a tour of PrairieWinds 1.

The group is taking a class called Experience in Energy Education for North Dakota Secondary School Students, in which they learn about energy and then get to travel to a working site, meet employees and see the equipment up close.

Watch the video to hear from student Chloe Ondracek and Victoria Custer about what was interesting. Also, Kevin Harmon, Minot State University vice president for enrollment management administration, talks about the class, meant to help kids make decisions about a potential career path and post secondary education plans.

PrairieWinds 1

Tom Jespersen (far right), Verendrye Electric energy advisor, gives a tour of a solar pasture well site near Velva, ND.

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