First dirt is scraped at Pioneer Generation Station construction site

At 8:30 a.m. on June 5, the first scraper and dozer began moving dirt at the Pioneer Generation Station construction site.

Pioneer Generation Station

The Pioneer Generation Station site near Williston, ND. The plant construction you see in the background is the Stateline I, a gas processing facility.

That means construction has begun for the 45-megawatt natural gas-fired peaking station northwest of Williston. Wanzek Construction is the construction contractor.

Craig Muilenburg, construction coordinator for the project, says one scraper and one dozer are working now, with seven people on site Tuesday, and five people on site today. The machines are moving top soil for the main entrance road. Three workers are installing silt fence.

The facility is located approximately 15 miles northwest of Williston, directly adjacent to a gas processing facility called Stateline I currently under construction.

Pioneer Generation Station

Photos taken June 5, 2012.

Both facilities will be tied into a Mountrail-Williams Electric Cooperative substation.

Commercial operation of the Pioneer Generation Station is planned for early 2013.

Read this story to learn more about why this power plant is needed: Meeting the Bakken need

Also, watch video of tours Basin Electric staff have taken in the Williston area:
March 8, 2012: Basin Electric gets look inside Target Logistics crew camp
Feb. 16, 2012: Basin Electric CEO tours Bakken oil field of North Dakota
Feb. 9, 2012: Basin Electric staff tour Bakken oil field of western North Dakota


  1. […] Basin Electric Power Cooperative broke ground this week at the Pioneer Generation Station near Williston, N.D. The project is a 45-megawatt peaking plant powered by natural gas. The cooperative plans for the station to be operational early 2013. Read the Basin Electric blog post on the Pioneer Station construction here. […]

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