ND electric cooperatives join coalition to defeat Measure 2

Basin Electric and the North Dakota Association of Rural Electric Cooperatives (NDAREC) have joined a coalition of nearly 80 organizations and associations from around the state to seek a no vote on Measure 2. The measure will be voted on at the June 12 primary election.

Dennis Hill. NDAREC executive vice president and general manager, wrote an editorial explaining the coalition’s position. Topics include: loss of local control; tax shift, not a tax break; out-of-state owners would pay no property tax; and unfairness to “in lieu” property taxpayers. Read the editorial: Help defeat Measure 2

If approved, the measure would amend the North Dakota Constitution to prohibit local governments from raising revenue by taxing the assessed value of property. This would make North Dakota the only state without a property tax system to help support local government services. More at keepitlocalnd.com.

Also, the ND Association of Counties has released another video. This one helps explain why a change to the state constitution is a big deal.


  1. This extraordinary video is well-designed to capture the attention of the average 4th-grader; however, it is likely that a thoughtful 5th-grader would find it intellectually wanting. Aside from demonstrating that the Constitution can be readily changed—within one year—by initiating a petition to change it back immediately after Measure 2 passes, it advises that we carry on the very process that has given us 135 revisions in the PT since 1981. What does that process give us? More cronyism, more manipulation, more spending; in short, more smoke and mirrors. What’s next? Flannel-board presentations for us rustics?

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