Basin Electric supports ND Centennial Farm Program

A new display at the Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center in Washburn, ND, gives visitors an interactive look at more than 800 farms in North Dakota listed as a Centennial Farm

ND Centennial Farm display

David Borlaug, president of the Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center, and Doug Goehring, ND Agriculture Commissioner, demonstrate new display.

“This isn’t just a nostalgic look over our shoulder at the history of agriculture. It’s not all about horse-drawn plows and steam threshing. It’s that these are family farms, families who have endured on the prairie for 100 years or more,” says David Borlaug, president of the interpretive center.

Visitors can search the farms by county. Watch the video.

Basin Electric, through Touchstone Energy Cooperatives, is sponsoring the North Dakota Centennial Farm Program over the next four years.

“Basin Electric’s mission and purpose has always been to serve the rural areas of our service area with reliable electricity. That means many of our members are farmers and ranchers,” says Jen Holen, Basin Electric charitable giving coordinator, “In fact, it was farmers and ranchers who first took advantage of the Rural Electrification Act 75 years ago and started electric cooperatives. Our history follows the history of the centennial farms of North Dakota, and we are happy to help preserve the history, and continue that tradition and education into the future.”


  1. Kathi Risch says:

    This seems to be a great fit for Basin Electric and its members in North Dakota. Great quote Jen!

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