Basin Electric employees help fix up a home

Rebuilding Together 2012

Karen McDonald, Basin Electric programmer, and Vicente Martinez, Dakota Gas senior environmental engineer, fix the sink.

Bethany* needed help. Her husband left her and their kids and moved out of state. He not only left the family, but he left several home maintenance projects undone.

On April 28, Basin Electric employees finished up those projects through Rebuilding Together.

Rebuilding Together 2012

To-do list.

Introduced to Bismarck-Mandan in 1997, Rebuilding Together is a day in which volunteers paint, replace appliances, do general cleanup work, yard work, fix safety hazards and many other things for low-income homeowners who do not have physical or financial means to adequately keep up their homes.

The Basin Electric employees replaced her shower and surround, installed some new drywall, and hired a qualified contractor to shingle her roof, among other tasks.

“I have a roof over my head now that doesn’t leak. … I’m so thankful for each and every person that came out and has donated their time. They’re away from their families, and I just really appreciate the help,” Bethany says. Watch the video.

*Bethany’s last name has been withheld at her request.


  1. gudrun47 says:

    Wonderful video, Tracie. Shows how much helping hands can do for someone in need.

  2. basinelectric says:

    Thanks! This video was shot by our intern Mariah Kitzan!

  3. Rebuilding Together thanks Basin Electric, and Chad particularly, for the support and efforts. Thanks for helping our neighbors in need!!!

  4. Celeste, RT Board says:

    Thanks Basin!

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