Daughters and sons visit Basin Electric Headquarters

What’s with the helicopter? Read on.

Daughters and sons experience their parents’ workplace. (Standing, left to right): JD Hart, Jonny Volk, Lucas Weigel, Ross Baker, Megan Radenz, McKenzie Ulrich, Paige Lang, Zara Laber, Rachel Burgard. (Seated/kneeling, left to right): Tyler Selzler, Matt Kraft, Bailey Piatz)

Eager minds, helping hands, fresh faces. Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day is an annual highlight at Basin Electric Headquarters in Bismarck. Sixteen children joined their parents at work on Apr. 26 for a tour, lunch and a taste of a typical workday.

It’s part of a national event designed to help young people ages make connections between what they learn in school and what their future goals are. Employees are encouraged to give their children an accurate picture of their workdays by keeping their routines, attending meetings, and the like.

Children took a tour of the different work areas at Headquarters, including communications, where photographer Steve Crane took a photo — which brings us to the helicopter.

“If you become photographers, you can ride in helicopters.”

Crane had a convincing argument as to why a career as a corporate photographer is worthwhile. He’s taken many a ride in helicopters, jets, airplanes, and utility buckets to get aerial views of power plants. It’s an exciting part of a job he loves.

“So, Steve, are the helicopter tours after lunch?”

That was the running joke for the rest of the day. Crane didn’t have an actual helicopter, but he had a virtual one. With a little demonstration in how Photoshop works, he took the group photo and created a backdrop that placed the kids in the midst of the action.

A special thanks goes to Crane for sharing his sense of humor, and to Vickie Volk, human resources program coordinator, for coordinating a fun, educational experience.

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