A water world at Deer Creek Station

Creative thinking by a Basin Electric engineer at Deer Creek Station means the plant is blowing off steam a little more quickly.

Deer Creek Station

Gary Hager, BEPC.

Gary Hager, Basin Electric mechanical engineer II, is stationed at the site through construction and commissioning.

When the time was approaching for the plant’s steam blows to begin, Hager had an idea on how to optimize the steam blow schedule, that he first drew up on a napkin. (“Steam blows” is the process through which the power plant’s piping is cleaned by having steam forced through.) Jim Sheldon, mechanical engineer II, helped Hager with calculations.

The initial plan for steam blows was to use well water and the normal storage tanks. Since only a certain amount of well water could be used each day, according the permit obtained, the steam blows would be done over the course of two weeks.

But Hager figured that instead of relying solely on well water and the tanks, a system could be set up to use water from a runoff pond on site. Since the pond was capable of holding more than enough water, steam blows could be finished in one week, rather than two, decreasing the overall commissioning time, and keeping the project on schedule.

The project is called “water world” on site. Watch the video for more details.

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