Basin Electric member Wright-Hennepin Cooperative celebrates 75 years

On March 29 during their annual meeting, Wright-Hennepin Cooperative Electric Association celebrated a special milestone.

The cooperative was started on that very day in 1937. Seventy-five years later, the Minnesota-based Basin Electric Class C member serves nearly 40,000 members and has nearly 4,000 miles of line.

During their annual meeting, the cooperative displayed historical information and artifacts to show what life was like before electricity.

Wright-Hennepin Cooperative

The site of Wright-Hennepin’s first meter, Anderson farm, is still standing and is currently owned by Duane Dahlman. Courtesy: Wright-Hennepin.

Here is an excerpt from their January 2012 newsletter:

C.O. Anderson of Cokato, Minn. had the honor of being the first WH member to receive electricity. WH’s first CEO, Ed Slebiska, and WH’s first engineer, George Zech, installed the meter at Anderson’s home in Cokato, Minn. late in August of 1937.

Anderson was thrilled when electricity was brought to his home.

“C.O. Anderson was a jovial fellow,” said Zech. “When we plugged in the meter and the lights came on, he ran around from building to building, laughing like a kid at Christmas time. I wish we could have taken a
movie of it.” Keep reading…


  1. Kathi Risch says:

    I enjoyed reading about Wright-Hennepin’s rich history and successful annual meeting.

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