Basin Electric team takes 16th place in bike race

Great American Bike Race 2012

Out of 110 teams at the Medcenter One Great American Bike Race (GABR), the Basin Electric Power Pedalers took 16th place in miles pedaled at the … [Read more...]

Daughters and sons visit Basin Electric Headquarters

What’s with the helicopter? Read on. Eager minds, helping hands, fresh faces. Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day is an annual highlight … [Read more...]

Basin Electric watches for whooping cranes

Crow Lake Wind Project

The whooping crane has come back from the brink of extinction, yet its continued endangered status leaves it as one of the most beautiful sights that … [Read more...]

Basin Electric team trains for Great American Bike Race (Video)

The Medcenter One Great American Bike Race (GABR) raises money to help children with cerebral palsy and similar disabilities by providing equipment … [Read more...]

A water world at Deer Creek Station

Deer Creek Station

Creative thinking by a Basin Electric engineer at Deer Creek Station means the plant is blowing off steam a little more quickly. Gary Hager, Basin … [Read more...]

Glimpse into Dakota Air: The Radio Show (Video)

Dakota Air The Radio Show

Good, clean, classic entertainment can be tough to come by sometimes. Merrill Piepkorn, program host for Prairie Public's Hear it Now, wanted to … [Read more...]

Deer Creek Station achieves initial sync

Deer Creek Station

To most, this shot of a computer screen in a power plant’s control room doesn’t mean much. But to the staff who’ve been working at the Deer Creek … [Read more...]

Basin Electric opposes Measure 2 in North Dakota

In June, North Dakotans will vote on whether to amend their constitution. If they vote YES, they won’t have to pay property taxes anymore. Sounds … [Read more...]

Deer Creek Station achieves first fire

Deer Creek Station

Basin Electric’s first combined cycle power plant had a big day yesterday. Watch the video. The Deer Creek Station in Brookings County, SD, … [Read more...]

Bismarck State College’s Lineworker program turns 42 years old

There is a focus in this post on a lineworker from Mor-Gran-Sou Electric Cooperative, which is a Basin Electric Class C member. … [Read more...]