Inch of hair cut for every $1,000 raised at Dry Fork Station

Creative people are always coming up with new ways to raise more money for childhood cancer research.

DaLyn Hugo, environmental coordinator at Dry Fork Station, agreed to cut an inch of her hair for every $1,000 raised for St. Baldrick’s by the Dry Fork Station (Campbell County After Shave) and Wyoming Transmission System Maintenance (TSM Bald Busters) teams.

Since the total came to about $7,000, Hugo decided to go for the gusto and cut 10 inches for Locks of Love. Before this, she hadn’t cut her long hair in more than 15 years. “As I was hearing the amount of money raised kept going higher and higher, I was scared they might have to use the shaver on my head!,” Hugo joked.

Bruce Sloan, station operator at Dry Fork Station, shaved his head, eyebrows, and mustache for the cause. He had had his mustache since he was 14 years old, though he says he has shaved it off a couple times since high school.

Joel Dingman, operations superintendent at Dry Fork Station, had his head shaved for the third time.

Lance Striefel, the boy who gets a mohawk at the beginning of the video, and who Joel Dingman modeled his hair after, is the grandson of Jim and Connie Elliott. Connie is an administrative assistant I at Dry Fork Station.

Watch the video.

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