Preschoolers join St. Baldrick’s campaign

St. Baldrick's Ali Borgen

Ali Borgen.

The Grand Forks Herald posted a heartwarming story March 8. A group of preschoolers in Petersburg, ND, raised money for St. Baldrick’s in honor of Ali Borgen, a North Dakota St. Baldrick’s honoree who lost her battle with cancer in January 2011.

Ali’s friend, Farrah Heitkamp, will be at the North Dakota St. Baldrick’s event March 16, presenting a check from the funds raised by the preschoolers. Ali’s family will also be there. Her dad, Rich Borgen, will have his head shaved!

Read the story: With smiles for Ali Borgen, Tolna, ND, preschoolers join campaign against childhood cancer


Some of the children took smiley magnets on family trips or sent them to relatives in Florida and other distant places. One young entrepreneur insisted he sold one to a horse.

“They walk around and tell me they’re fighting cancer,” Poehls said. “They’re pretty proud of themselves. Some know what it is and some don’t. You have to be a little careful, talking about serious illness with such young children.

“They had to practice their little selling speech: ‘It costs $5 or whatever you want to give me. If you have just a dollar, I’ll take a dollar. If you have $1 million, I’ll take $1 million.’ ”

They didn’t get any million-dollar offers. But most people gave well more than a dollar. Read more…

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