North Dakota parole officers shave to support co-worker

Every team signed up for the North Dakota St. Baldrick’s event has their own reason for going under the razor while raising money for childhood cancer.

For the ND Parole and Probation team, their reason has evolved.

They first started talking about forming a team last October. But when their co-worker Barb Breiland, stationed in the Fargo, ND, office, was diagnosed with cancer, the team suddenly had a new mission.

“It’s so hard to know what to say to people in these situations. She will probably go bald throughout her cancer treatments. We want to show our support through our actions, and going bald with her seemed just right,” says Corey Schlinger, team captain of ND Parole & Probation Team Breiland.

“Barbara is a pretty influential person in this organization, a nice lady, a good lady and a hard worker, so I think this is just something we wanted to do,” says Duane Johnson, parole officer.

Several officers from across the state will be at the St. Baldrick’s event in Bismarck on March 16, including Breiland, if she’s feeling up to it.

The team has been the leader in money raised in North Dakota, and have already upped their goal.

Tony Soupir, parole officer, will have to grow his hair out in order to have something to shave. But Rick Schuchard, program manager, says he’s never had short hair in his life.

Check out these team members in the video.

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