Capital Electric Cooperative teams up for St. Baldrick’s

St. Baldricks and Capital Electric

(left to right) Paul Fitterer, Beau Townsend, locator/serviceman, Ron Lipp, engineering and operations manager, Rich Dunn, engineering assistant, and Kent Kensmoe.

For a group at Capital Electric Cooperative, St. Baldrick’s is a way for them to take their camaraderie and competitiveness to another level.

This group of friends does a little low level gambling during their afternoon breaks. Winner buys a pop for everybody.

When the idea of shaving their noggins for St. Baldrick’s came around, some of the guys were all in.

“My daughter wanted to have her hair cut to have the hair donated. That’s when we thought of St. Baldrick’s,” says Paul Fitterer, business manager at Capital Electric. “I brought it up here, and right away Kent (Kensmoe, information technology specialist) said he’d done it before at Basin Electric when he worked at NISC.”

“I had a lot of fun when I did St. Baldrick’s before. It was a really fun atmosphere, and I knew we’d have a great time,” Kensmoe says.

Watch the video below to hear from some of the guys who have decided they’ll take the challenge and get shaved for childhood cancer research.

As for the guys who have backed out? “They know who they are, and we’re still working on them,” Fitterer says.

Our bets are on a couple more shavees added to the Capital Electric team before March 16.

See how the North Dakota St. Baldrick’s event is growing!

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