Shavee bleaches hair in prep for St. Baldrick’s

Brent Wetzel takes his St. Baldrick’s energy to the max. The senior software specialist at NISC has been shaved three years running to help raise money for children’s cancer research. He has been a tireless advocate for St. Baldrick’s, and raises awareness of the foundation all year round. And now he doesn’t only run a silent auction for NISC, this year, he’s running the auction for North Dakota’s main event at the Bismarck YMCA March 16.

St. Baldrick's 2012

Brent Wetzel getting ready for St. Baldrick's 2012.

But what really causes Wetzel to stand out is the outrageous pre-shave hairdo he comes up with every year. He was part of a story in 2011, along with co-worker Mathew Krogen (click on his name to see last year’s peacock-like hair).

This week, he got a start on his 2012 look. Watch as Andy Heidrich of Artists Inc. puts Wetzel through “phase one” of his St. Baldrick’s hair masterpiece.

Wetzel is the captain of NISC – Evan’s Bald Buddies. Evan is a cousin of Mathew Krogen, and has been a St. Baldrick’s honoree for years. Evan and his dad Mark Krogen will be at this year’s event, and for the first time, Mark will be shaving his head, and it’s looking like Evan and brother Ethan will join him!

St. Baldrick's 2012

Mark and Evan Krogen at the 2011 St. Baldrick's event in North Dakota.

For an update on Evan’s cancer and condition, read Mark’s post on Evan Last Chemo Day – 11MAR2012

Read an excerpt:

Lots of emotions today. As we were in the examine room Dr. K had two different beeps on his pager. As he always does he looked right at us and asked if it was ok if he stepped out for a minute to make a call. Of course we said sure and plenty of times Evan was the reason he was being paged in the past. Anyway when he come back in my heart sank. Just then he was advised that there is another child just starting the leukemia journey today. I can’t help but think of that family and all the families who have had a similar path. More…

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