Care Mobile launches with electric cooperatives on board

There are only 45 Care Mobiles® in the world, and the one North Dakota received has been a long time coming.

“It takes nine months to produce a baby. Well, when you have a baby that’s 40 feet long, it takes nine years,” said Kathy Keiser, executive director of the Ronald McDonald House Charities in Bismarck.

The Care Mobile, a dentist’s office on wheels, was launched Jan. 26 in Bismarck. Watch a video from the event.

The Care Mobile will travel western North Dakota, treating children who don’t have access to a dentist. Keiser said the program identifies the schools in greatest need by using the North Dakota Public Schools system free/reduced lunch program statistics. This identifies the percentage of low-income students as candidates for this dental service.

Ronald McDonald House Charities Care Mobile

Shawn Deisz, Basin Electric manager of accounting, took a picture with Ronald McDonald at the Care Mobile event. Deisz, a former member of the Ronald McDonald House Charities board, has been involved in bringing a Care Mobile to North Dakota since 2003. She is currently chair of the Care Mobile Advisory Committee.

The Care Mobile will begin operating in Bismarck on Feb. 6. Read more about the Care Mobile: Co-ops, Ronald McDonald House celebrate Care Mobile

Basin Electric, along with Touchstone Energy Cooperatives® Roughrider Electric, Slope Electric, KEM Electric and Verendrye Electric, sponsored the Care Mobile. In addition to monetary sponsorship, electric cooperatives will allow the Care Mobile to park inside their shops overnight while in their communities.


  1. Great job, Basin & Coops! A terrific project that will benefit so many around North Dakota!

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