Deer Creek Station construction nearly complete

Deer Creek Station

Sunrise at Deer Creek Station on Dec. 21, 2011.

In December, construction at Deer Creek Station was 85 percent complete.

Gavin McCollam, project manager on Deer Creek Station, says, “Most of the major mechanical is all done, a lot of the piping is done, and now the big push is the electrical and controls.” Watch the video.

Construction started in July 2010. On the inside of the plant, major mechanical work is finished. The turbines and generators were placed on their pedestals in August 2011. The stack was topped out in August, too.

The air cooled condenser is almost complete. The wind walls are going up, some of the last pieces to put in place. In mid-December, the electrical system reached backfeed, meaning electricity was successful fed from the transmission grid back to the plant.

“As you can see, they’ve pretty much finished the shell of the plant, the outside, it looks now, when you drive by, pretty much the way it’s gonna look when it’s done. It looks nice.”

In February, contractor Boldt Construction will turn the plant over to Basin Electric for commissioning. Later this spring, the plan is to fire the gas turbine for the first time. McCollam says there are 400 contract workers still on site, and about 25 Basin Electric operations employees.

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