PrairieWinds: Quick growth, powerful partnerships

Basin Electric’s wind subsidiaries have grown up quickly – sprouting wind turbines in two states.

PrairieWinds ND 1 claimed the largest wind project owned solely by a cooperative in the United States. The projects south of Minot, North Dakota, are producing 122-megawatts with 82 turbines. The projects were mechanically complete right at the end of 2009.

But in October 2010 – another wind project was getting ready to spin its rotors.

PrairieWinds SD 1 was building the Crow Lake Wind Project in central South Dakota. The entire project consists of 162 megawatts with 108 turbines.

Today, the South Dakota project is the largest owned solely by a cooperative in the nation.

Watch the video shown during our 2011 Annual Meeting to learn more about the projects, including a look into how the wind technicians are able to keep all those turbines in working order.

See more videos from the meeting on YouTube: 2011 Basin Electric Annual Meeting

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