Leland Olds Station employee finds dad in video

John Juba, coal yard operator A at Leland Olds Station, saw a sight he hadn’t seen in years, thanks to historical video on Basin Electric’s YouTube channel.

John Juba

John Juba, Leland Olds Station.

John’s dad, Jerry Juba, died in 2004. While the family has lots of photos of Jerry, they don’t have any video. So when one of John’s co-workers saw Jerry Juba in the video Power for the Plains, and asked John if he was related, it was a surprise.

“Dad is in the video for about two minutes,” John says. “He worked for the Bureau of Reclamation. That job was his whole life, so it’s neat to see him working at what he loved.” John says his dad would have been about 48 years old at the time the video was produced, which was in 1973.

See Jerry Juba in the video here.

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