Former employee congratulates Basin Electric on 50th anniversary

Basin Electric’s 50th anniversary celebration was a great opportunity to bring together current and former employees, friends and family.

Former Basin Electric employee Nancy McMahen now works as a manager, associate membership, for the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association (NRECA). Watch as she wishes Basin Electric a happy 50th anniversary.

McMahen worked at Basin Electric for eight years as a member service representative in the Marketing and Member Services Department. She was featured on the cover of the January 1988 Report Magazine, a precursor to Basin Today, when she had a ground source heat pump installed at her home.


  1. Nice comments, Nancy!

  2. Terry S Halter says:

    Nicely done, Nancy.
    I remember the workshop for the installation of your groundsource heat pump. As a lowly member services staff from Sioux Valley Empire Electric
    Co-op (SVE), I was in awe of the whole process.
    And as my colleague at the Energy Auditing school sponsored and hosted by Basin, I was happy to meet you. ( We learned how to do heat loss calculations on a modified round slide rule.)
    You represented Basin well during your years in Bismarck as you traveled to every nook and cranny of Basin’s service area.

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