Co-ops discuss transmission options at Basin Electric Annual Meeting

To join or not to join? That was the question asked at the panel discussion held before Basin Electric’s annual meeting. Eight panelists talked about the costs and benefits of joining regional transmission organizations (RTOs) to gain access to energy markets.

It would be a fundamental change in the way the parties to the Integrated System do business, and how that change will affect members and preference customers is unknown.

Watch the video to hear the first set of panelists synopsize the issue and offer a general path to follow. Wayne Backman, Basin Electric senior vice president of Generation, describes the function of an RTO, also known as an independent system operator, or ISO. Mike Risan, Basin Electric senior vice president of Transmission, recommends a hybrid model of RTO membership. Bob Harris, regional manager of Western’s Upper Great Plains Region, talks about impacts to the Integrated System.

Read an in-depth story from the Nov/Dec 2011 Basin Today: Putting together the pieces of the RTO puzzle

Remember, you can watch the Annual Meeting live from your home or office: Basin Electric Annual Meeting live

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