United Way Silent Auction nets nearly $4,000

Jeremy Severson (left) and Jay Lundstrom check out the giant remote-controlled Jeep donated by Pat Spilman.

Basin Electric’s annual silent auction begins out just as that — pretty much silent. Quiet music plays as employees casually browse and bid on donated items.

But as the clock winds down, silence goes out the window. Employees hurry to check their bids on items they want to buy. They engage in bidding wars. They laugh. They chatter. They count down the final seconds. In the end, all the fun is for a good cause. All proceeds from the silent auction go to the Missouri Slope Areawide United Way. Watch the video to get a feel for the frenzied final minutes.

This year, 276 donated items brought a total of $3,940.50 for the United Way. That’s 31 items and $386 more than last year! A special thank-you goes to employees Connie Isaak and Sharon Cerkoney for coordinating such an exciting and successful fundraising event!


  1. Tracie B. says:

    I laughed out loud at the top picture in this post. It’s so funny, looks like those guys are really going out and kicking some tires on the car lot! The silent auction is a great event!

  2. deborah levchak says:

    what a great event and wonderful coverage. a special thank you to Connie and Sharon for working hard on this auction for many years. many people will benefit from the money raised .

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