Storm levels transmission tower

Leland Olds Station-to-Logan 230-kilovolt line

A storm leveled a wooden tower on a Basin Electric 230-kilovolt transmission line. The photo taken by Wayne Bentz, lead lineman from the Mandan, ND, transmission shop.

Chalk it up to a random act of weather. An early morning storm on Aug. 15 leveled one of Basin Electric’s wooden H-frame structures in west-central North Dakota. It’s about seven miles north of the Leland Olds Station on the 230-kilovolt line that runs from the power plant near Stanton to the Logan Substation near Minot.

Bryan Keller, Basin Electric manager of transmission system maintenance, says the line tripped out at about 5:13 a.m. that morning as a small but intense storm blew through the area. Upon inspection of the line, crews found the tower in pieces. Though repairs were somewhat delayed because of more stormy weather, crews built a new structure and placed the line back in service by Tuesday evening.

Power was re-routed while the line was down, so Basin Electric’s members had no interruption of service associated with the storm damage.

One storm-damaged structure pales in comparison to the damage seen by Basin Electric’s transmission crews last year. Re-visit the Bowdle, SD, tornado:

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