Extreme heat on observation deck at Antelope Valley Station

If you’ve been on the famous Basin Electric tour of Antelope Valley Station, you know the observation deck is one of the most memorable moments for visitors. (Check out this post: Tag along on a Basin Electric member co-op tour. You’ll get a shot from the observation deck at :35 into the video.)

Today, it’s a hot spot for a different reason. The weather has driven the temperature to 114 degrees! Chad Edwards, operations supervisor at the plant, says all the louvres on the boiler building are open to dissipate heat from the boiler, but it’s still too hot for a tour group. He says relative humidity is 73 percent, so the heat index is 226 degrees. Edwards had recorded 118 degrees earlier today.

Because the observation deck is at the top of the power plant’s boiler, it’s much hotter than other areas of the building. Edwards says it’s about 20 degrees warmer inside than it is outside today.

Antelope Valley Station

Temperature on the observation deck at Antelope Valley Station on July 19, 2011.

Update: Longtime tour guide Daryl Hill says he once recorded a temperature of 137 degrees on the observation deck. He says that happened sometime in the 1990s.

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