In their own words: Crow Lake Wind top out crew

On Sunday, Feb. 27, the final turbine at the Crow Lake Wind Project was commissioned.

(There are several terms used for marking milestones in a project: The project was deemed commercial on Feb. 1, when the vast majority of the turbines were tied into the transmission grid. The last turbine was topped out Feb. 9, and on Feb. 27, the final turbine was commissioned. Throughout the summer, reclamation and clean-up will complete the project.)

Construction on the project began Oct. 5, 2010. Ron Rebenitsch, Basin Electric manager of alternative technologies, says, “It’s really amazing what Wanzek (the construction contractor) was able to accomplish in an incredibly short period of time, and in the middle of winter no less. … I also want to thank Basin Electric’s engineering, environmental and construction team, who put in many long hours to support this accelerated construction process.”

PrairieWinds SD 1

The final rotor being lifted into place. Do you see the worker standing on top?

PrairieWinds SD 1


A crew from communications was on site the day the final turbine was topped out, and talked to the crew you see standing on top of the turbine.

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