Basin Electric engineering assistant gives kudos to workers

Richard Bower, engineering assistant, has been giving tours at the Laramie River Station since 1996. Bower says he’s met a lot of interesting people.

The one thing Bower says visitors have in common is their appreciation for workers at Laramie River. “Folks don’t get what it takes to fire things up on their own, what it takes to give them the electricity they use.”

Once they have visited the plant, Bower says they have a renewed appreciation for what it takes for them to turn on a light switch. “A month after the tour is given, thank you letters and cards come in. I don’t deserve the kudos for giving the tour. The guys who do the work in the plant deserve it,” Bower says.

Richard Bower

Richard Bower gives tours at Laramie River Station.

He says since workers don’t hear the compliments about the plant, he decided to write an article in the monthly Laramie River newsletter. “Oftentimes they get a paycheck instead of a pat on the back, but they deserve kudos for what they do,” Bower says.

See his write-up below.

Since taking sole control of tracking tour numbers from January 1996 through December 2010, we have logged seven hundred eighty-six tour groups totaling ten thousand three hundred six people. They come to see one of the largest coal fired plants in the country as well as one of the cleanest coal fired plants in the world. They come from various cities and states as well as several countries such as Japan, China, Bangladesh, Australia, Germany, Afghanistan, Sweden and Norway. School groups of elementary levels to college groups come to see how power is made. A lot of our foreign guests come to see how efficient we operate as well as our environmental cleanness.

Your place of employment is not just on the map in Wheatland, Wyoming, but you’re known in places around the world. Being one of the top power producers in the U.S. doesn’t come by luck; it comes from the people working here doing what they do best. So, when the daily grind of your job seems to be boring, whether it’s doing maintenance or performing operation duties, stop and think about the interest this place has for all the people who travel here to visit our facility. This is a place that we can be proud to show off because of all your efforts. All the positive comments made by those guests do not always get back to all the employees here. These are comments earned by the work that you do. When you stop to think about your place of employment you might realize how interesting this place is to other and their amazement of a plant this size working as well as it does.

Remember it is not just our guests that appreciate what they see, it’s two and one-half million customers that rely on what we produce. Also remember, it’s over thirty years of reliability and low cost that has come from teamwork and diligence of this plant’s employees. We may have an interesting place of employment after all!

-Richard Bower

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