Antelope Valley Station gets new tour display

Workers retired the old display in the visitor’s center at Antelope Valley Station, which was at least 20 years old, with a bright and new one.

Allison Winkler, administrative assistant I at Antelope Valley, says, “It just looks fresh and new compared to the old display.”

Antelope Valley Station

Audrey Vind, administrative assistant III at Antelope Valley, says, “The old display was there for the past 20 years, plus.”

The idea for a new display came about when a group from communications went to the Great Plains Synfuels Plant to make updates to their tour center. Nicole Lindseth, multimedia specialist I says, “We went to Dakota Gas to make updates to their display. We ended up going to Antelope Valley and saw their display needed updating too.”

Antelope Valley Station

Four plasma TVs were installed to display visual information and will stream live information about baseload and wind generation.

Lindseth says the panels were printed in-house, which saved money. “For us to print the panels in-house, it cost us under $300 for all the panels. The bid we received from an outside source quoted a price of more than $1,200,” Lindseth says.

In addition to the new TVs and information panels, all the pictures in the model room were also updated.

Antelope Valley Station

The new display saved additional money when the group changed methods of installing the artwork. The previous display was mounted to the plexiglass with adhesive, which required the glass to be replaced each time the display was changed. The current display is sandwiched between two pieces of plexiglass, which means artwork can be updated without having to replace the glass.

The transformation of Antelope Valley Station visitor’s center came just in time for Basin Electric’s 50th anniversary this year. Lindseth says the option is available for all the other plant sites that need an update. She says the same design would be incorporated to each tour center with customized information for each site.

To check out the display being set up, check out the video.


  1. Kudos to Nicole and Steve for great artwork, graphic design and photography. It looks really, really great.

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