Through a photographer’s eyes: Laramie River Footsteps

Laramie River Station

Steve Crane, a photographer at Basin Electric, spent some time at Laramie River Station last week. He caught these photos at the power plant’s pond. Below, his photos and perspective.

Laramie River Footsteps
I suppose I am a hunter of sorts, trying to get close to the wild things.
And when I do, I begin to understand…

Laramie River Station

That understanding sometimes requires a slow, deliberate approach.
You have to have patience. You are a rock, unmoving. Though, in my case, I’m a somewhat overweight, (small) boulder not easily moved by the wind. It is a good thing…

For they are like a school of fish, en masse they dart back and forth, motivated by the day’s cold, ubiquitous, Wyoming wind, and my need to get closer. The west bank of the pond provides protection, and I, now unmoving, offer no threat to this…

Laramie River Station

Busy place! If I close my eyes, it’s a raucous cocktail party. We have incoming.
They circle and wing tip to wing tip finally splash into the water.
A designated greeter paddles out to meet the new arrivals shouting out welcome and felicitations. How are you? Yes, all is well, but keep an eye on that rock, it moves occasionally; must be the wind. Did you bring the kids? It’s all very social.
Everyone crowds the shore, occasionally bumping into a…

A bird without its head, paddling around seemingly without direction, finding comfort in the feather cushioned collisions of its neighbors, its head tucked under a wing, power napping, but…

Don’t look at me! In large groups, they move away from the shore. Here and there, a goose flaps its wings, stretching. They are getting ready. I wait. I am patient. I am a rock not easily moved. I shoot. One thousandth of a second catches their footsteps on the water…

And I begin to understand.

Laramie River Station


  1. That was beautiful Steve! You are such an eloquent writer. I have to share with Blake. He’ll love it! Keep it up. I want to read more …

  2. Very nice Steve! Beautiful pictures. Such detail.

  3. Kathi Risch says:

    Beautiful photos. Steve. You rock!

  4. Sally Meier says:

    Wow! You could work for National Geographic … but we won’t let you. Beautiful photos and a nice story to go with it.

  5. Steve, you’re awesome!

  6. Breathtaking — rock on!

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