Basin Electric: The Flip Side — Top stories of 2010

Yesterday, you enjoyed seeing the top 10 Basin Electric videos in 2010. Here are the top 10 blog posts as tabulated by Wordpress, our blogging … [Read more...]

Basin Electric’s top videos of 2010

'Tis the season for top 10 lists! Here are Basin Electric's top 10 videos this year, as counted by YouTube. Since some of these videos are a couple … [Read more...]

Learning the language of wind turbines

Wind turbines speak computer language, and the second-year students at Mitchell Technical Institute are learning their dialect. They're learning the … [Read more...]

Basin Electric pilot building an airplane

Larry Buller

When you hear someone is tinkering in their garage, you have certain expectations. They’re probably fixing up an old car or something. But not Larry … [Read more...]

Basin Electric employee excels at cooking lamb

Beef. It’s what’s for dinner for most people, but not Dorthy Duhr. Dorthy Duhr, service dispatcher, has a knack for cooking lamb. In fact, in … [Read more...]

Basin Electric construction site giving continues

Deer Creek Station

On Dec. 10, we told you about how Deer Creek Station workers gave money to spread Christmas cheer: Money quadruples at Deer Creek Station! Last … [Read more...]

Carbon dioxide capture project at Antelope Valley Station postponed

Basin Electric's board of directors made a decision this week to put a big project on hold. The proposed demonstration project to capture carbon … [Read more...]

Relay work at Basin Electric’s Crow Lake Wind Project

We're not talking the running kind of relays. We're talking about relays with wires, the kind that protect wind turbines and their intricate … [Read more...]

Basin Electric employee receives Patriotic Employer award

Dave Bangen and Kim Miller

During today's board of directors meeting, Dave Bangen, Basin Electric's manager of financial planning and forecast, received the Patriotic Employer … [Read more...]

Basin Electric employee’s Christmas decor in Wall Street Journal (Video)

They call Brian Francis "Grandpa Griswold." While his Christmas decorating always gets lots of attention, he got just a little more this year -- a … [Read more...]