Eastern Colorado wind project is Basin Electric member’s newest power resource

Kit Carson Windpower Project

Kit Carson Windpower Project.

Tri-State Generation and Transmission Association announced the completion of the Kit Carson Windpower Project, a 51-megawatt wind project located in east-central Colorado. Tri-State G&T is a Basin Electric Class A member.

Tri-State is purchasing the output of the facility through a 20-year agreement with a subsidiary of Duke Energy Corp.

Kit Carson Windpower ProjectThe Kit Carson Windpower Project, the latest utility-scale renewable project to come online in Colorado, was named for the county in which it is located. The facility is comprised of 34, 1.5-megawatt General Electric turbines situated on a 6,000-acre site northwest of Burlington, Colo. – within the service territory of Tri-State member co-op K.C. Electric Association.

Duke Energy, which owns the facility and will operate and provide all maintenance services, began construction in June 2010 with a workforce of 150 on site during the peak construction period.

A permanent staff of four technicians will be responsible for the operation and maintenance of the wind project.

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