Corn Belt Power saves the frogs at Wisdom Unit 2

Lots of rain at Wisdom Unit 2 near Spencer, Iowa, means frogs have made a home there.

Many, many frogs. Nearly 100 of them!

So Brent Ulrich and Steve DePauw, both control operators in the generation department at Wisdom, rounded them up and took them back to their home.

Corn Belt Power Cooperative

A photo taken by Carla Gates, environmental and safety specialist at Wisdom. More photos available on Corn Belt Power's page on Facebook.

In a comment on Facebook, Ulrich says, “Took us about 2 hours, we used a leaf blower and blew them all to a corner and scooped them up. Would have taken all day to chase them around in circles!!!”

If you’d like to see all the pictures from this story, visit Corn Belt Power’s page on Facebook. You don’t need a Facebook account to see the pictures — look for the link labeled “Wisdom’s Unit 2 GSU home to frogs?”

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