Basin Electric photograph spans generations

When Audrey Herman came to the Headquarters building at Basin Electric on August 4, she didn’t expect the special treatment she received.

Audrey brought her 6-year-old grandson, Ayden, to Headquarters to see if Ayden could get a photo standing by the late 1960s picture of his great-great-grandfather, an original Basin Electric incorporator, Otto Schneider.

Audrey says she always wanted to get a picture of the two together because her grandfather, Otto, meant so much to her. “I was always so proud of him. This was a man with a third grade education and he succeeded with common sense, kindness and insight,” Audrey says.

Audrey and Ayden came to Headquarters expecting Schneider’s picture to be hanging in the board room. But with recent remodeling, Schneider’s picture was nowhere to be seen.

Shawn Hammes, front desk receptionist, directed Audrey to Steve Crane, Basin Electric photographer, who found information and photos of Schneider on his computer.

Otto Schneider and Ayden Herman art

Otto Schneider and great-great-grandson Ayden Herman, in a photo in which each person sat for the camera decades apart.

In Steve’s office, Audrey changed Ayden into his suit, which she had purchased at a rummage sale. With his white Calvin Klein shirt, black suit coat and black pants, they were taken to the photo studio and Audrey was given something she says can never be replaced.

Steve did “magic,” according to Audrey, with the help of Photoshop. “The result, what we saw on the screen almost takes your breath, the picture is priceless,” Audrey says.

She was so appreciative of the service she received that she sent a letter to Ron Harper, CEO and general manager. “Basin Electric has a group of folks who strive to give customer service that is never ordinary but just plain remarkable,” she says.


  1. Just the best story I’ve read in a long time!

  2. Steve really did a great job. That photo will be a keepsake to be cherished.

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