Dry Fork Mine wins national award

The Dry Fork Mine has won a 2010 National Awards for Excellence in Surface Coal Mining!

The award is given by the U.S. Department of the Interior Office of Surface Mining Reclamation and Enforcement. The Dry Fork Mine is owned and operated by Western Fuels-Wyoming, Inc.

The award recognizes a road and conveyor route project. The conveyor will deliver coal to the Dry Fork Station.

Dry Fork Station and Dry Fork Mine

Deer using the archway that was built for wildlife.

DaLyn Hugo, environmental coordinator at Dry Fork Station, says, “The Dry Fork Little Powder River runs through the area between Dry Fork Mine and Dry Fork Station. We needed the coal conveyor to supply coal to the plant in the long term, and a road to be able to do maintenance without adversely affecting the environment.”

Rather than using the shortest distance between Dry Fork Mine and Dry Fork Station, the conveyor corridor’s location was designed around the existing wetlands to minimize environmental impact, Hugo says. A large, arch-shaped span structure was created in place of less expensive culverts to decrease disturbance to the stream channel and to the overall wetlands area. The arch also allows space for wildlife to pass underneath the road and coal conveyor.

The overall goal of the project — to maintain water quality while preserving native wetlands – was achieved by allowing the water channel to remain in its original location, Hugo says.

Dry Fork Station and Dry Fork Mine

A view of the archway, facing toward Dry Fork Mine.

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