New shop at Leland Olds Station benefits from Home Depot closure

The new shop at Leland Olds Station (built in 2009) has some used shelving.

When asked if there were any issues because the shelving was used, Wayne Mattheis, maintenance planner/scheduling supervisor, says there are none.

Except everybody comments on the Home Depot stickers that are still on the shelves.

Shelving at Leland Olds Station shop

Old Home Depot price stickers remain on some of the shelves.

“When you walk into the warehouse you may think it’s just like being in Home Depot,” says Mattheis. The unchanged, mismatched shelves range in color from tan to orange. Some have stickers and others are sticker-less.

Shop at Leland Olds Station

Inside the new shop at Leland Olds Station.

What brought about this shelving scheme? Three years ago, Kevin Dissell, asset recovery coordinator, mentioned the Home Depot in Bismarck, ND, was going out of business and was selling a surplus of shelving and other things.

Mattheis, Spencer Giddings, purchasing supervisor, and Ray Dorscher, purchasing agent, handled the purchasing of the ladders, carts, pallet jacks, a cardboard baler and shelving for the Leland Olds Station.

How much did they save?

“Even if we bought a cart and took the casters off, we would be money ahead. We bought pallet jacks for $200 and they start at $500. We paid $50 a flat cart and they’re $200 or more,” says Mattheis.

Mattheis says by buying the shelving from Home Depot the cost was just under $100,000, delivered to the plant. The estimated cost of brand new shelving was between $250,000 and $300,000.

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  1. I love a bargain! I could use $100,000 worth of shelving in my garage! 🙂

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