Laramie River Station draws from full water source once again

Back in 2007, things were not looking good for Grayrocks Reservoir, the water source for Laramie River Station.

Grayrocks Reservoir 2007

Grayrocks Reservoir near Wheatland, WY. Photo taken in July 2007.

Today, the reservoir is filled to the brim!

According to Tri-State G&T’s blog, board member Wayne Child is reporting the good news at their meeting in Westminster, CO. Child sits on the Basin Electric board and the Tri-State board of directors.

To see a picture of Grayrocks Reservoir at full capacity and to read the story from Tri-State, click this link: Laramie River Station water source filled to capacity

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  1. Jonathan says:

    Thanks for the link! We’ll be sure to do the same in the future and keep up the inter-blogging between us. We frequently use your stories in our NewsFlash feature on our intranet where we post 3 new industry stories daily.

  2. basinelectric says:

    Sounds great! I was excited to see your post about this yesterday, and figured, “Why not link up?” 🙂

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