Basin Electric directors approve community wind project option

Wilton Wind Project at sunsetAt the May board meeting, Basin Electric’s directors approved a series of contracts that will allow development of a community-owned wind project in South Dakota. It would be built in conjunction with a Basin Electric wind project already being developed in the Crow Lake area.

Ron Rebenitsch, Basin Electric manager of alternative technologies, says Basin Electric was approached last winter by a community group from central South Dakota where Basin Electric is building its 151.5 megawatt wind project near Crow Lake through its subsidiary PrairieWinds SD 1. “The group had heard about the project, and they wanted to add a small project of theirs to ours,” he says. “The key driver is to be able to take advantage of economies of scale.”

Construction on the Crow Lake project is scheduled to get under way later this year and will be operational by early 2011. “It’s an advantageous time to add a small wind project,” Rebenitsch says. “We’ve been working with the group for the last several months and they are continuing to explore this opportunity.”

Basin Electric has agreed to purchase the additional output of 10 megawatts from the community wind project.

If you’d like to learn more about wind projects, go to our Wind Facts page.

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