A project spanning decades of Basin Electric history

In preparation and as part of a Basin Electric 50th anniversary book, Terry Diekman, Basin Electric archivist, went through 81 boxes of old photos and transparencies of the past 40 years.

Terry Diekman, BEPC archivist

Terry Diekman, archivist for Basin Electric, poses with part of the big project.

“I looked at roughly 175,000 images from 1962 through 2007 and picked out the best,” she says.

That left about 50 to 60,000 images that were digitized, labeled and put into a media storage software database.

Diekman’s next project is culling out, digitizing and cataloging historical footage from 5,000 video/audio tapes in the department archives, which include 16 mm film from the 1970s.

Diekman’s specialized skills and experience are uniquely suited to her job, not the least of which is her 31 years as a Basin Electric employee. “I have worked at 28 of the last 30 annual meetings since 1979 and I’ve met a lot of the member managers and board members, which has really helped me in what I do now.”

Basin Electric’s 50th anniversary will be celebrated during its 2011 annual meeting.

Terry Diekman, Basin Electric archivist

Diekman used Post-It notes to give direction to interns and others cataloguing the photos. Jen Holen, photographer at Basin Electric who has helped Diekman over the years, says Diekman knew names, places, and events that most others wouldn't.

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  1. I appreciate Terry’s work so much – she is diligent about all aspects of her work, from corporate identity/graphics standards, to the accuracy and quality of her historic media projects. Whatever she touches, she tries to improve. She’s a good teacher of best practices, too.

  2. I’m amazed by Terry, too! When I worked with her to pull some historical video together, I couldn’t believe how much knowledge she was able to pull from memory!

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