Basin Electric sponsors Brats for the Brave

Members of the community came together to honor what our troops have done for our country.

“Brats for the Brave” was held yesterday, May 12, to support troops who have sacrificed for their country.

“It’s a good time to mingle and to see the service members. They’re not in action but people get a chance to talk to them and hear what they are actually doing out there across the state and when they’re in Iraq and Afghanistan,” says Shelle Michaels, national communication officer for Soldiers’ Angels and military task force chairperson at The Chamber.

Our troops sacrifice their lives for the freedom of our country. They give valuable time, energy and sometimes even the ultimate sacrifice, their lives. Several Basin Electric and Dakota Gas employees have made sacrifices for their country and in turn Basin Electric is doing their part to give back.

Employees have been ensured their jobs will still be here for them when they return. The troops also will not see a cut in pay while on active duty. “We believe that our men and women are the ones that sacrifice and so it’s our way of saying, ‘Don’t worry about the things back home and focus on the important mission that you have at hand,’” CEO and General Manager Ron Harper said during the Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve luncheon in mid-April.

“For those activated we keep their salary whole while they are gone,” says Sharon Klein, manager of human resources at Basin Electric. “This means, we pay the difference between their military pay and their normal base pay.” Klein says employees also retain health insurance and several other benefits while they are deployed.

“We are free. We forget people die for our freedom. We need to appreciate day in and day out and not take for granted that we do have freedom here in America,” Michaels says.

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