Laramie River Station tackles big projects during outage

Laramie River Station Unit 2 near Wheatland, WY, has been shut down since April 9 for a scheduled seven-week outage. Watch the video below to see some of the work.

The boiler is the focus of several major projects during the outage.

Joe Bowman, Laramie River maintenance planning/scheduling supervisor, says crews will be replacing the intermediate section and outlet section of the secondary super heater.

“Over the years we have had several issues arise indicating that in the very near future we would begin to experience boiler tube failures in those two sections of the boiler. We will remove worn-out panels and replace them with new ones,” he says.

Laramie River Station outage 2010

A large crane lifts the worn panels out from the side of the Unit 2 boiler and raises the new panels into place.

The boiler is also receiving an over-fire air system like Unit 1 did last year. The project is needed to reduce nitrogen oxide emissions, as will be required by upcoming regulations in the state of Wyoming. New water cannons to remove ash buildup from the boiler water walls are also being added to replace existing soot blowers that used steam, Bowman says.

Laramie River Station 2010 outage

Contractors perform maintenance on the low pressure turbine. The high-pressure/intermediate pressure turbine will return from Richmond on May 13 for reinstallation.

On the turbine, the focus is the high-pressure/intermediate pressure turbine, which was removed and shipped to Richmond, VA, for work to its steam path. “This will make the Unit 2 turbine like the units 1 and 3 turbines with their steam path work we recently completed,” he says.

The unit is scheduled to be returned to service on May 30.

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