Co-ops team up for energy audit

It’s amazing the businesses that keep this world spinning ‘round.

Proliant Meat Ingredients in Harlan, IA, is one of those businesses. They manufacture dehydrated meat proteins from pork and turkey. Proliant is a member of Nishnabotna Valley Rural Electric Cooperative (a Class C member of Basin Electric).

Proliant Plant Manager Al Leinen wanted to learn how his facility could use energy more efficiently, so he contacted his local energy experts at Nishnabotna Valley and requested an energy audit.

Iowa energy audit

(left to right): Terry Donscheski of Proliant, Paul Erickson of Corn Belt Power, and Chad Reisenauer of Basin Electric are looking at how Proliant uses energy now, and how they could do it more efficiently in the future.

Janelle Cheek, Nishnabotna Valley, says Proliant’s audit was one of the first commercial audits requested through her co-op, so they enlisted a little help from their co-op friends – Chad Reisenauer of Basin Electric and Paul Erickson of Corn Belt Power Cooperative (a neighboring Basin Electric Class A member). Cathie Shively of Northwest Iowa Power Cooperative (Nishnabotna Valley’s Class A cooperative) joined Cheek in observing the audit.

Erickson led the effort and provided Proliant and Nishnabotna Valley a detailed report following the audit.

This video gives a glimpse of what’s involved in a walk-through commercial energy audit.

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