Safety milestone at Leland Olds Station

Leland Olds Station

The employees at the Leland Olds Station, Stanton, ND, achieved a rare milestone at the beginning of the month.

On April 7, employees reached 1 million safe work-hours worked without a DART incident. DART is an acronym for Days Away Restricted or Transferred, and it’s a measure of the severity of an injury that occurs in the workplace.

Mark Thompson, Leland Olds plant manager, says this safety record was achieved during some of the busiest times ever at the plant, including two unit outages and the construction and installation of a $410-million dollar scrubber project. The last DART incident occurred in October 2006.

“In my eighteen years with the cooperative, this remarkable achievement has only happened once before at Leland Olds – in the early 1990’s,” Thompson says. “I’m proud of the employees for working safely, smartly and carefully every day.”

There are 154 employees at the Leland Olds Station.

See all the videos done during the Leland Olds Station emission control project at this YouTube link: Leland Olds emission control project

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