Laramie River Station’s Unit 1 rerated

Unit 1 at the Laramie River Station, Wheatland, WY, has been rerated to 570 net megawatts (MW). That’s up from the 565-MW rerating it received in 2009 following a turbine upgrade. (One megawatt can power about 800 homes.)

Brian Larson, Laramie River plant manager, says the rerating is the result of improved transmission conditions in the region.

When Unit 1 began commercial operation in 1980, it had a nameplate net rating of 550 MW. Larson says Unit 1 was the last of the power plant’s three units to receive a new, more efficient high-pressure/intermediate-pressure turbine rotor and stationary blading.

Supplied by ALSTOM Manufacturing, the new turbine has a new blade design that incorporates two additional rows of blades.

Larson says the unit was initially rerated to 565 MW because of improved unit efficiency, but was capable of producing more. The relief of transmission constraints in the region allowed for the unit to be cleared to generate more megawatts.

Below is a video that was done in May 2008 when Unit 3 was undergoing a turbine upgrade.

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