Star of Duracell commercial speaks about fame, Iowa Lakes Community College fortune

There is a lot of excitement about wind energy in Estherville, Iowa. The local co-op, Iowa Lakes Electric Cooperative, has two seven-turbine wind projects that power ethanol plants in the area. Read more about that at this link: Iowa Lakes keeps wind power local

Also, the local college, Iowa Lakes Community College, has a great Wind Energy & Turbine Technology Program.

The co-op and the college are partners in the educational program. The co-op has had an expert sit on the advisory board at the college since the program was one year old. Also, the co-op provides suppport in materials, and help in getting the college a $360,000 low interest loan for expansion. In return, the co-op is sure the college will continue to turn out top-notch wind turbine technicians.

There will be a full story on the partnership in an upcoming issue of Basin Today.

On January 18, 2010, we told you about the Duracell ad featuring a member co-op: Basin Electric member co-op featured in Duracell ad

In the video below, you’ll meet the star of the Duracell commercial that’s running on television now. You’ll also get a peek at Iowa Lakes Community College in session.

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