See Dr. Heather Stefanski in her lab (and in her St. Baldrick’s lab coat)

A doctor at Amplatz Children’s Hospital at the University of Minnesota has a connection to Basin Electric.

Dr. Stefanski does childhood cancer research. She received a grant from St. Baldrick’s Foundation for her research. As we’ve been reporting here on The Flip Side, 2010 will be Basin Electric’s third year of fundraising for St. Baldricks. (Read more about that at this link: St. Baldrick’s at Basin Electric)

Amber DesRoches was one of Dr. Stefanski’s patients. Basin Electric has honored Amber’s memory at all our St. Baldrick’s events.

Today, we talked to Dr. Stefanski about how she remembers Amber DesRoches… and about the money she received from St. Baldrick’s for her research in childhood cancer. We also met Dr. Troy Lund, a doctor at Amplatz Children’s Hospital at the University of Minnesota, who received a St. Baldrick’s grant last year. Dr. Stefanski does research on mice; Dr. Lund does research on zebra fish.

Click here to find Basin Electric’s fundraising page, or search for Basin Electric on St. Baldrick’s Web site.

Read our full story on how Amber DesRoches’ story fits in with St. Baldrick’s at Basin Electric at this link: When you wish…

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