A tale of two units near Culbertson, Montana

Eric Sponsler, Ormat Technologies, at the Culbertson, Montana, heat recovery generation unit.

A communications crew is working on two stories from Culberston, Montana.

Next to one another sit a heat recovery generation unit on the Northern Border Pipeline and a natural gas peaking plant under construction.

Oreg 2, a subsidiary of Ormat Technologies, is planning to get the heat recovery unit up and running today. The unit will produce about 5.5 megawatts of electricity; this unit is the eighth with which Basin Electric has a purchase power agreement.

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Using waste heat to make electricity

Joe Fiedler will operate and maintain Culbertson Generation Station.

Culbertson Generation Station has been under construction for about a half a year. It’s scheduled to go operational next summer.

It’ll produce 91-megawatts of electricity on demand. As a peaking plant, its job is to produce power when demand for electricity is high.

The power generated at the heat recovery unit will travel to Culbertson Generation Station’s substation and then head out onto the transmission grid.

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